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White Blaze


Hike with Gravity

These pages share a little bit of information about me, the Appalachian Trail, and this site.

To grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth

When I was 11 years old, shortly after I had joined Boy Scout Troop 116 in Elkhart, Indiana, I prepared for my first backpacking trip. Until this trip the only camping I had done was when the whole family and our giant canvas tent were loaded into my dad's station wagon, and we travelled to a nearby state park. As the planning and packing began I knew backpacking would be better than any previous camping trip. I was going to carry my own gear and hike with other scouts five miles to a farm. I was excited.

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My Trail Name
Gravity, gotten a hold on me

Trail names are a tradition on long distance hiking trails. They give you a chance to adopt your own persona that is removed from your everyday identity in your non-hiking world. Part of this tradition is to have your trail name given to you by others, but this is not a hard rule that all must follow.

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The Appalachian Trail
Misted on rocky heights, now we are feeling

The Appalachian Trail is a brilliant idea, born from a tragic moment, which turned into so much more than anyone could conceive.

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